5 Aug

We are looking for Things To Do for 8 – 18 year olds in Sheffield between October and December! Would you like to be included in our guide?

Sheffieldr will be putting together an autumn edition of the Things to Do guide for children and young people. The guide will be available for everyone online, as well as is guide will be printed and distributed around venues in Sheffield as well as being available online. You can see the previous and current versions of the guide here:

The guide will cover the October – December period (we know it’s early to be thinking about Christmas! Sorry!) and will be designed and edited in September, so we need all content by the end of this month (August.)

It is free to be listed, we just want to make the best guide possible for young people! We require the following information for any activities between October and December:

–          The name of your group, place or activity
–          What day or days your group, place or activity is on / open
–          Location(s)
–          Time(s)
–          Cost
–          Contact details

–          General information and description about group, place or activity

Please send all of the above information to: or contact Tash Bright on 0114 201 8647 | 07580 714 860

Please send your information through before the end of August, as the guide will be put together, printed and distributed during September. If you have details to be confirmed, please send through and we will include it, but will add the details when / if you have them before we go to print.

Please note that we may not be able to fit all information that is sent in the guide, but we will try our hardest to accommodate and work on a first come, first served basis. We use every effort to avoid errors and rely on the content provided by many external sources, so please check everything before sending it across!


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