26 Aug

Sheffield Retail Quarter is one step closer to reality after Sheffield City Council announced it has submitted an outline planning application for the scheme.

Over 3,000 people visited a public exhibition and nearly 600 written comments were sent in during the public consultation on the development.

Councillor Leigh Bramall, the Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development said, “The overriding message from the public consultation was to simply get on with it. Sheffield is crying out for a new city centre with new shops. We understand that there is scepticism after the previous Sevenstone scheme and this application shows that we are determined to make this happen, and happen fast.

“The purchase of the land is well underway and we will shortly be shortlisting the last three potential development partners. We’re right on track to start work on site next year, with the majority of shops opening in 2019.”

The plans, which can be viewed on the Council’s planning website, will see the area around Barkers Pool, Pinstone Street and Moorhead transformed with new shops, offices, restaurants and flats. Sheffield Retail Quarter could create around 2,500 jobs and bring in approximately an additional £300 million a year to the city centre that people currently spend elsewhere.

The outline planning application addresses the main themes from the public consultation, including space for a mix of aspirational brands, high street shops and the independent stores that give Sheffield its character. Much-loved historical buildings such as Leah’s Yard and The Citadel (Salvation Army building) will be preserved, as well as facades along Pinstone Street and of the old Sunday School.

As The Outdoor City, Sheffield is well known for its love of green spaces and the environment, and this will be reflected in the development. Its public spaces will be of the same high quality as other popular spots like the Peace Gardens and there will be plenty of space for both pedestrians and cyclists, as well as over 2,000 car parking spaces.

Not only will the buildings have live, growing ‘green roofs’ with sustainable drainage systems, but some could have ‘brown roofs’ providing different habitats and some could have ‘blue roofs’ which will collect rainwater for use in the scheme.  Solar panels and district heating are amongst the other options in the plans.

The Council has submitted an outline planning application to allow flexibility as it works in partnership with potential occupants, retailers and development partners.

A decision is expected on the application by the end of the year and, if it receives consent, a more detailed application can then be submitted.

Notices are being served on the small number of businesses and residents still on site as and when required, so that preparatory work can begin as soon as possible.  This strategy reflects the needs of both the Council and those affected.

Formal comments on the application must be made via

Regular updates on the scheme, and opportunities to comment as it progresses, will be made public through further stakeholder events, the local media, social media and the website


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