Hillsborough Ward Pot 2016/17

23 Jun

Hillsborough Ward Pot 2016/17

Councillors in each ward have a budget they can allocate to activities and projects that contribute to tackling their ward priorities Hillsborough Ward Priorities 2016~17 Poster

The ward budget for the Hillsborough Ward for 2016/17 is £9,517 

Hillsborough Ward Councillors are looking to fund sustainable projects / activities within their ward that will benefit the local community. The projects / activities will also need to fit in with the Hillsborough Ward Priorities in order to be eligible for funding.

Funding of around £300 is available to apply for, although Councillors will consider higher bids for larger projects.

Hillsborough Ward Councillors are welcoming bids that meet their ward priorities and would especially like to encourage applications supporting projects around:

  • Community development in tacking social isolation
  • Improving the local environment and public realm by tackling graffiti


To apply for a grant, complete the following forms attached below and return them to central@sheffield.gov.uk

Ward Pot Request for Funding 2016-17

Ward Pot Signature and Conditions form 2016-17

Please read the signature and conditions form carefully to ensure that your group is eligible to receive funding before you fill in the form. Please note that a hand signed signature is required on this form for your application to be eligible for consideration.

Hillsborough ward Councillors will meet on a monthly basis to assess grant applications received. The Locality Officer will notify you of the decision made against your application following these meetings.

We can help you…. If you are unsure about your project and would like to speak to someone about it or if you need help filling in the application forms, please contact the Locality Officer on 0114 2053049 or email central@sheffield.gov.uk


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