Environmental improvements in Broomhall – SCC Ward Pot Funded

3 Nov

HERB (Helping Environmental Regeneration in Broomhall) volunteers have been active for more than 10 years in Broomhall improving and creating new green spaces and this is an ongoing activity. Anyone who is physically able to do gardening work can take part. We expect local residents and student volunteers to be the main participants, aged from 18 years upwards, although we hope local children with parental support will also become involved. Broomhall is a multi-ethnic community and we have a wide spread of volunteers from different ethnic groups, both male and female.

Broomhill and Sharrow Vale ward Councillors funded HERB £349.89 out of the ward pot to purchase equipment and materials for environmental work in Broomhall.

HERB explained how the funding was spent and how valuable this is to the community.

“The hanging baskets at the corner of Havelock Street/Holberry Gardens and on Filey Lane now look really good and enhance the overall appearance of the area. The provision of the shredder means that as the autumn progresses we will be able to process the prunings that we will need to make to our fruit, and other, trees. We have already advertised its availability to the Holberry Gardens Allotment Association members and it will make their processing of prunings easier too”.

If you live in Broomhall and would like to get involved with the group please contact

Contact Name – Polly Blacker

Contact Position – Volunteer Coordinator

Telephone – 07813615309
E-mail – polytone@doctors.org.uk

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