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What should we do when we see people on the street ? How can we help?

15 Nov

Help us Help

Finding yourself on the street can happen through a number of misfortunes and circumstances.

Help us Help is a campaign to support those who are begging on our streets. People find themselves on the street through a multitude of reasons and bad luck – this means that their needs are varied and complex.

Help us Help is a collaboration between all the services and charities in the city who are there to provide practical support and compassionate care and advice to the homeless community. Many people who are begging or homeless in Sheffield city centre are known to these services. They work with people on an individual basis to help them achieve a better future through providing personalised support, accommodation, food and medical care, and will link them to ongoing support to help them off the streets.

Help us Help wants to provide you with information so you can choose how you may want to help. Our website also has a list of support services you can contact if you are concerned about someone in particular. www.helpushelp.ukĀ