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Third public meeting to discuss Central Library and Graves Art Gallery

20 Dec


A third public meeting has been planned to update people about the proposals for Sheffield’s Central Library and Graves Art Gallery.

This is a repeat of the public meeting first held on Tuesday, 6 December at the Town Hall. It follows Sheffield City Council’s announcement that, as part of the city’s partnership with Chinese construction company Sichuan Guodong Group, the company is looking at the feasibility of using the current Central Library building to develop the city’s first five star hotel, which would see the Central Library moved to another site in the city centre. There is a commitment to maintaining the art gallery with full public access, if the option of using the library building to develop a hotel becomes viable.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, 5 January, from 7pm to 9pm at the Town Hall. Spaces can be booked online.

The same presentation and information is being given at all public meetings and is available

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Community Services and Libraries at Sheffield City Council, said: “We’re putting on another public meeting to let people know where we’re at with the proposals for the library. It’s great that so many people want to be involved and shows the passion we have for our libraries here in Sheffield.”


Invitation to FURD Christmas Soup Kithchen 21st Dec 2016

19 Dec


Sheffield leads over 50s, alcohol and the workplace pilot

19 Dec

Sheffield leads over 50s, alcohol and the workplace pilot

  • Local community organisation plays key role in national report and employers guide
  • Almost one third of older drinkers in the professional occupational class drink 5-7 days a week
  • A quarter of the professional occupational class aged 60-69 drink heavily – more than under 30s
  • Those retiring before 60 and after 75 are more likely to be high-risk drinkers

Sheffield community organisation Drink Wise, Age Well have lead the way in encouraging employers to help over 50s in employment or facing retirement to avoid serious alcohol problems in later life.

Their work contributed to a new report written by ILC-UK which highlights retirement as a ‘danger point’ for problem drinking, with recent retirees over 50 being more likely to drink every day. Additionally, those retiring before 60 are more likely to become a high-risk drinker, as are those working beyond the age of 75.

Drink Wise, Age Well Sheffield have been working to help local employers address a ‘blind spot’ by developing support for employers in helping preparing for retirement on emotional health issues, including alcohol.  They have been working closely in partnership with the Shaw Group as well as local union branches.

According to the Drink Wise, Age Well survey released earlier this year, of those people who drank more than they used to, 40% cited retirement as a reason for doing so.

For those over 50s still employed stress, boredom, lack of control over work and retirement worries all contribute to drinking more.

Other findings for the report include:

  • Nearly 30% of over 50s in the ‘professional’ occupational classes drink 5-7 days a week, the highest of any occupational class.
  • Almost a quarter of older groups in the highest professions drink more than their younger counterparts.
  • Alcohol problems can cost UK employers money in terms of workplace absence and lost productivity – around 7.3 billion a year.

Over 50s who have been out of work and recovered from an alcohol problem still face further barriers in getting back into work. Only 16% of employers said they would consider employing someone with a previous alcohol problem, leaving some of the UK’s most experienced workers who want to work unable to realise their potential.

The authors of the report call for employers to introduce measures to assist employees over 50 who might be struggling with an alcohol problem, such as counselling and effective workplace policies that treat alcohol issues like any other health issue.

For those into retirement, the report calls for GPs to factor in the effects of retirement when giving advice on reducing risk from alcohol. The report also calls for greater engagement from employers to staff pre and post-retirement. This includes social clubs and guidance on how to avoid alcohol becoming a problem once working life is over.

A guide for employers produced by Drink Wise, Age Well is available to download on the website.

Emma Wells, local manager for Drink Wise, Age Well Sheffield said: ‘older employees are a valuable asset to the workplace and bring experience and knowledge. As our population ages, it is important to ensure that the needs of an older workforce are considered and met. This includes preparation for retirement which addresses not just financial and practical issues, but looks at health, keeping active and maintaining a sense of purpose. Drink Wise, Age Well offers a range of activities in Sheffield which enable anyone aged over 50 to stay involved in their local communities and build new friendships, thus avoiding the pitfalls of isolation and potential increased alcohol use’.

David McCullough, chief executive of Royal Voluntary Service said: “Retirement is like a cliff edge and often older people go from having a busy schedule and colleagues to interact with, to days where they might not see anyone or even have a conversation on the phone. It doesn’t take long for loneliness to set in and drinking a little more than they should each day can quickly become the norm. It’s vital that people facing retirement or those recently retired, remain mentally and physically active and engaged in their community and we would urge employers to ensure they have the necessary support and guidance in place to help employees with what can be a very steep transition.”

Chris Ball, specialist adviser on the ageing workforce said: “Imagine the folly of installing valuable machinery or new systems in a workplace and then by neglect, allowing them to become unusable and out of date. No employer would do such a thing. The same goes for older workers. After a life time of working, many older workers can add experience, skills and knowledge that any employer should value. Used correctly, they bring crystalized life experience – the added element for success.

Andy Cullen, Learning Organiser, Unite Sheffield

Members of Unite have benefitted from the Drink Wise, Age Well project. Unite reps especially, have been given the information that may be shared with members and potential members linked to their personal wellbeing. I feel supporting such campaigns will educate Unite members to recognise the potential harm alcohol may cause in particular vulnerable groups, such as

the over 50’s. Increasing awareness of alcohol related issues in the workplace can only help towards healthy ageing.

The report is available to download here.

Free Business Information Sessions January – March 2017

19 Dec
Free Business Information Sessions January/March 2017

Please find below a list of upcoming expert delivered business information sessions from Business Sheffield. All events are free of charge. For further information or to reserve yourself a place simply call the Gateway on 0800 043 55 22 or 0114 224 5000.

Business Sheffield also runs a series of start-up workshops for anybody in the early stages of starting up. These are run regularly, please contact the gateway to book.



Accountancy & Legal Drop in Sessions – Monthly

Free bookable appointments available with an accountant and a solicitor, contact the gateway to book on.

How to Sell Face to Face – 13th January/16th March

A workshop aimed at anyone whose business success depends on face-to-face selling and who wants to improve their success rate from appointments. The session will cover pre-appointment preparation, creating a good first impression, opening and keeping control of the meeting, questioning techniques, features and benefits, objection handling, recognising buying signals, closing/agreeing the next step and more.

Start-Up Marketing & Sales – 17th January/7th March (Ideal for Pre-Starts)

Without effective marketing there will be no sales, and without sales no business can survive. This workshop explores the need for a strong brand, understanding your customers and how to reach them using key messaging and compelling marketing material. The second half deals with how to close business using the consultative sell. This workshop is the ideal precursor to the Marketing Fundamentals workshop.

Maximising you website – 20th January

This session is designed to help organisations and individuals to gain more business from their web presence. It covers driving traffic to your website via SEO including long-tail keywords, click bait, backlinks, internal links and using Google Webmaster and Analytics. It also looks at using social media to attract visitors.

It will show you how to convert website traffic into leads and sales, with advice on influencing your visitors actions, creating urgency, the art of writing good text, the power of FAQ’s and customer reviews and ways to capture visitor details.

Basic Book Keeping – 23rd January/10th March

Aimed at new start and young businesses who are undertaking their bookkeeping and accounts by themselves. Topics include –

•   How to keep a sales ledger

•   How to keep a purchase ledger

•   How to keep a cash book

•   How to reconcile the business cash and bank accounts

•   Tips and hints on bookkeeping

•   How to prepare and understand your profit and loss account

•   Computerised and cloud accounting

Marketing Fundamentals for your Business – 24th January/13th March (Ideal for Pre-Starts)

This workshop builds on the Start-up Marketing and Sales workshop. In it we look at the 7 P’s of marketing, how to formulate a marketing strategy, explore routes to market, tactics and more. It also looks at understanding your business and marketing goals, so that an effective marketing plan can created. Finally we ask you to bring along a piece of your own marketing material, a leaflet, a business card, or we can look at your website, and have a fun, constructive brainstorming session to see how things could be made more impactful.

Social Media – 30th January/31st March

The session covers how mainstream social media platforms can be used as a way to promote your business. The session focuses on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and covers top tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow your social media presence.

Terms and Conditions – 6th February

The session will cover the key things to consider when putting together terms and conditions for your customers or other businesses that you contract with. The session is ideal for anyone who is close to trading or trading and needs robust terms and conditions in place. Topics Include –

•  Why do you need terms and conditions?

•  Types of things to include

•  Sales of goods terms

•  Terms of service

Creating a Brand – 10th February

This session looks at the importance and advantages of having a strong brand. The workshop will take you through what constitutes a brand, how to understand your own brand, its identity, style and tone of voice, and includes several thought provoking branding exercises. It includes a case study to explain some of the principles discussed, and finally shows you how to use your brand.

Recruiting and Employing Staff – What you need to know – 15th February

A session specifically around newstarter employees covering

• Safe recruitment practices and attracting the right people

• Induction Process

• Contract of employment

• Staff handbook and policies – whats essential and whats desirable

• Probationary Periods

•  Contracts for typical workers – subcontractors, casual staff and zero hours workers

Leadership Management – 17th February

This workshop is an introduction to some of the basics of effective leadership and management (L&M) and would benefit anyone new to a L&M role. We will look at the qualities and actions needed for good L&M, explore motivation, the art of delegation, picking the right team, succession planning, running effective meetings and more.

Retail Insights 1 – 21st February

Discover a few fascinating facts and metrics about the retail industry in general. Understand the relationships between your product, market and customer before you commit to marketing strategies. Learn how to market your business more effectively to the right people, in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost. Gain an understanding of how to interface and use media to your advantage as part of your overall marketing strategy. Topics include –

•  Retail Fundamentals & Key Metrics

•  Know Your Customer

•  Know Your Market

•  Know Your Product

•   Marketing

•   Media Management

Employing People for the First Time –23rd February

From an accounting perspective there are many things to think about when you are employing people for the first time. If you don’t have a full understanding of the requirements this could result in penalties and interest.

We aim to highlight the main questions that a business needs to ask itself when employing people for the first time. Topics include –

•   When do I need to tell HMRC I am employing people

•   What do I have to tell HMRC

•   What are my ongoing reporting requirements

•   Do I need an accountant to prepare my payroll

•   How do I pay my staff

•   What is the national minimum wage

•   Can I pay my employees expenses and benefits

•   What is Real Time Information

•   What is Auto enrolment

Exploring Finance Options– 6th March 

Access To Finance workshop aimed at Start-up/Early Stage Businesses that are looking for a better understanding of finance options. The workshop will give an insight into the different finance solutions available in the current market place as well as assessing the advantages/disadvantages of each finance route. Participants will also gain an understanding of their legal obligations when taking on different types of finance, enabling them to make a fully informed decision.

Retail Insights 2 – 7th March

The course provides essential awareness for a supplier, wholesaler or small retailer considering pitching their product to a large retailer. Discover the complex structures of large retailers and how these interact and affect your potential pitch to them.Gain an understanding of how the major retailers think, strategise and conduct their procurement requirements.
Learn how to approach negotiations with a major retailer and how to combat some of their more onerous terms. Understand some lateral strategies for approaching or gaining entry to a large-scale retailer. Topics include –

•      Retailer structure & complexity

•      Procurement & Product to Market understanding

•      Negotiations

•      How to get in/Tactical entry

Winning New Customers via the Telephone – 23rd March

This workshop is aimed at businesses that sell to other businesses (as opposed to consumers) and is ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to approach prospects and gain new business using the phone. It looks at why so many of us are nervous of using the phone, dispels some of the myths and fears associated with cold calling and gives advice and tips on all aspects of running a successful telephone campaign.

The session culminates with the presenter making live cold calls to prospects, which delegates listen to via headsets, with analysis and discussion of the outcomes.
Business Sheffield
Freephone: 0800 043 55 22
Office Number: 0114 224 5000


Festive wishes from Central Area

16 Dec


4 Job vacancies @syfr

15 Dec

Please find attached details of 4 vacancies that SYFR are currently recruiting for.

Any interested parties should visit the syfr website for full details of the vacancies and how to apply.

Surveyor – Construction – hr_dm-155812-v1-external_vacancy_bulletin_-_surveyor_construction

ICT Service Continuity (ESN) (Hardware) – hr_dm-155765-v1-external_vacancy_bulletin_-_ict_service_continuity_esn_hardware

Property Manager – hr_dm-155809-v1-external_vacancy_bulletin_-_property_manager

Fire Community Safety Officers – hr_dm-147737-v1-external_vacancy_bulletin_-_fire_community_safety_officer


Have Your Say on on Children’s Surgery and Hyper Acute Stroke Services

15 Dec

Have Your Say on on Children’s Surgery and Hyper Acute Stroke Services

People living in Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield are being invited to share their thoughts on proposals to change our region’s services for:

  • Children’s surgery and anaesthesia
  • Hyper acute stroke, where patients are treated and given care for up to the first 72 hours after having a stroke.

Depending on where you live, some patients have better experiences and access to services than others – and doctors, nurses and healthcare experts all agreed that this shouldn’t happen – and have come together to change it.

Between Monday 3 October 2016 and Friday 20 January 2017, members of the public are invited to share their views on the proposed option for the future of these services – with a final decision expected to be made by clinical commissioners in February.

If you would like to find out more you can visit or call 0114 305 4487 for more information.



Making Christmas less lonely – can you help?

15 Dec


Volunteers needed to help host Christmas day meals at different
venues in Sheffield, for older people who will otherwise spend
Christmas day alone.
These meals will depend entirely on kindness of volunteers and
businesses across Sheffield. Can you help?

Could you help and make a donation to help meet the cost of delivering the Christmas meal?
We want to deliver the event at no cost to people who are coming. To donate, please access
the following link

We need volunteers to help get people to and from the venue and help host the events on
Christmas day.

Contact Brooke Leigh on 0114 2702 536 or

Job Vacancy – Food Development Worker

15 Dec


ShipShape Health & Wellbeing
Food Development Worker
14 hours per week (Salary: £15,941 pro rata)
An opportunity has arisen for Shipshape to appoint a Food Development Worker to join our community health team.
The post aims to:,
 Promote the benefits of eating well by providing local communities with practical skills and increased confidence; the post will prioritise work with those facing the greatest challenges to eating well.
 The post will work with a broad range of partners to promote the benefits of eating a balanced, healthy diet. The post also recognises the role food plays in bringing people from all backgrounds together to promote community cohesion and an understanding between different cultures.
Do you have experience of working with local communities and the ability to motivate and build confidence in people to make positive changes with their behaviour and lifestyle choices?
Would you like the opportunity to help address health inequalities and improve the long-term health of the communities? If yes, then this could be the perfect job for you!
Knowledge of the local area is desirable, so applications from residents within this community are particularly welcome. We are looking for someone who enjoys a challenge and has the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people both verbally and in writing.
The work is being delivered in partnership with Sheffield City Council as part of the Sheffield Community Wellbeing Programme & NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Sheffield Cubed.
For informal enquiries or for an application pack, please contact us by email- or ring 0114 2500 222.
Closing date: Applications to be received by 12 noon on Wednesday
21st December 2016
Interview date: Friday 6th January 2016, from 9:30

Christmas Events for children in Broomhill

9 Dec