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Employment, Training and Volunteering Event in S6 for Families – 9th August 2017

25 Jul


Activities in August at Zest

21 Jul

See attached brochure for the full listings of activities in August taking place at ZEST: Zest activities August 2017

FREE childcare for 3 & 4 year olds

21 Jul

From September many working parents of 3 & 4 year olds can get up to 30 hours a week of free childcare.

That’s up to 1,140 hours of free childcare a year!


If you’re working and your child will be 3 or 4 by 31 August apply now so your child can start in September.


Don’t miss out, apply by mid-August at the latest to ensure you have an approval code by 31 August! Missing the deadline means your child can’t qualify until January 2018.


To find out more and apply visit or


Or contact your choice of nursery or childminder.

City Ward Pot 2017/18 – Apply for a small grant

21 Jul

The ward budget for the City Ward for 2017/18 is £14,629

City Ward Councillors are looking to fund sustainable projects / activities within their ward that will benefit the local community. The projects / activities will also need to fit in with City Ward Priorities in order to be eligible for funding.

City Ward Priorities 2017~18

Funding of up to £650 is available to apply for. If you have a large project or a joint project then Councillors would also like to hear from you (email your project details to the email address below).

To apply for a grant, complete the following forms attached below and return them to

Ward Pot Request for Funding 201718

Ward Pot signature and conditions form – 201718

Ward Pot Small Grants Guidance – 201718

Please read the Small Grants Guidance & Signature Form carefully to ensure that your group is eligible to receive funding before you fill in the form. Please note that a hand signed signature is required on this form for your application to be eligible.

City ward Councillors will meet on a monthly basis to assess grant applications received. The Locality Officer will notify you of the decision made against your application following these meetings.

We can help you…. If you are unsure about your project and would like to speak to someone about it or if you need help filling in the application forms, please contact the Locality Officer on 0114 2053049 or email

You can email your application and a scanned copy of the signature form

Central Area Ward Priorities 2017/18

21 Jul

Every year each of the four Wards that make up the Central area will produce Ward Priorities. Councillors are refreshing their Ward Priorities for 2017/18. The refreshing of the priorities may result in small changes, large changes or no changes at all. The Ward Councillors with the support of the Locality Officer will outline 3 or 4 local priorities that the Councillors agree they will work together on.

The priorities have been informed by the local community, consultation, advice from service providers and local statistics, which all contribute towards outlining the Ward Priorities for each of the four wards in the Central Area.

The ward priorities will help to provide the legal justification for Councillors decisions about how they allocate the Ward Pot. They will also be used to inform local people about what their local Councillors and partners are working towards. Ward Priorities will be refreshed on an annual basis following local consultation.

Ward priorities 2017/18

Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward Priorities 2017~18

City Ward Priorities 2017~18

Hillsborough Ward Priorities 2017~18

Walkley Ward Priorities 2017~18

Ward Profiles are produced every two years and help to inform the ward priorities, copies of the ward profiles will be added here shortly.

The following link provides access to the Sheffiled Profile for the City –

If you would like to comment on your ward priorities you can do so by either emailing the Central Locality Officer: or by contacting your local Councillors: Central Area Cllrs and Contacts

Job Vacancy @SYFR for an ICT Applications Developer (closing date 4th August 2017)

20 Jul

Post Title: ICT Applications Developer
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Grade 6 (£22,443-£24,892 per annum)
Hours: 37 hours per week
Work Pattern: Flexi time
Location: HQ, 197 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 3FG

An opportunity has arisen within our ICT team for an Applications Developer/Programmer which will be based within our Headquarters in Sheffield. The post holder will be responsible for assisting the ICT section in developing innovative ICT solutions and systems to meet the needs of the organisation and to provide general support to members of the ICT section as required.

Duties will include:

 Designing and developing SQL databases

 Developing web based systems using a variety of tools;

 Determining design methodologies and tool sets;

 Designing and conducting tests.

 Preparing documentation to provide guidance to users of systems;

 Providing technical advice and guidance to users;

 Assisting in the maintenance and support of specialised software packages.

Key to this role is the ability to think laterally and solve complex problems logically and to work constructively as part of the wider ICT team. You will need extensive knowledge and understanding of Window client/server operating systems and in-depth knowledge of computer systems/networks and a range of software applications. Significant experience in web Programming and developing systems using JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, ASP, XML, SQL etc., and software installation and troubleshooting is essential.

You must also be proficient in Adobe Photoshop. You will need GCSE Maths and English at grade C or above or equivalent, a BS in Computer Science or related field, or significant equivalent experience. You will need to have examples of web design and code in your portfolio and the ability to hit the ground running.

A job description, person specification and application form for the role can be obtained via the careers section on our website at or if you require a hard copy you can contact our Recruitment Team at  or on 0114 253 2811.
Closing date for applications is 4pm on 4th of August 2017
Interviews will be held on 17th of August 2017

Applications from job share candidates will be considered and all applications will be given equal consideration.
Please note the appointment is subject to successful pre employment screening i.e. asylum and immigration check, references, medical screening, substance misuse testing and Disclosure Scotland Criminal Records Check or Enhanced DBS check (formerly CRB) if applicable.
If you require any of our recruitment documents in larger print please contact our recruitment team as above.


Puddingfest at Rileys & Co S7 – 25th August 2017

20 Jul

Puddingfest Poster

Sheffield 50+ Newsletter July 2017

20 Jul

Fire Safety
At our Sheffield50+ meeting last week our speakers were the Fire Safety Team at the Fire and Rescue Headquarters.
This was not only an interesting and informative discussion but a timely reminder that we should all think more about fire safety in our homes.   Here are a few points that were raised:-

How safe is your home?
You can carry out your own home safety check, by following five quick steps.
Smoke alarms – Working smoke alarms give you an early warning to a fire in your home, giving you and your family the vital extra minutes needed to take action and escape.

Check if:
You have a smoke alarm on every floor of your home.
Your smoke alarm is working. Do this by holding down the ‘test’ button until it beeps.
Your smoke alarm is free from dust.
If you need a smoke alarm, most supermarkets and DIY shops sell them from as little as £5 each.

Half of all house fires start in the kitchen, so take the time to check this room for hazards

Check if:
Oven gloves, tea towels, cardboard and electric leads are well away from the hob.
Ovens and grill pans should be free from grease and crumbs, as these can easily catch fire.
Don’t leave cooking unattended and never use chip pans or pans filled with hot oil.

Faulty electrics cause more than 6,000 Fires across the country every year.

Check for:
Overloaded sockets and extension leads- try to use one plug per socket. High powered appliances like washing machines should have a plug to themselves, as extension leads can only take a maximum of 13 amps.

Look out for signs of dangerous or loose wiring, such as scorch marks, hot plugs and fuses that regularly blow.

Don’t leave things like mobile phones and laptops plugged in overnight, or beyond the recommended charging time, as this can often cause fires.


Cigarettes and candles
Every three days someone dies from a fire caused by a cigarette.
If you smoke, don’t light up if you need to lie down. You could easily fall asleep, setting the bed or couch on fire.
Keep matches and lighters away from children.
Keep candles and tea lights in proper holders and well away from anything that could catch fire, like curtains.

Make an escape plan
If your smoke alarms went off at night, how would you get out safely? Now is the time to make an escape plan.

Check if:
Escape routes are blocked. Keep escape routes, like front and back doors, clear at all times.
Keep Door and window keys in a safe place at night where everyone can find them.
Ensure that everyone in the house, especially children, knows what to do in the event of a fire.

For further information see South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Website where you will also find useful videos to help.

Do you want to be a victim of crime? Do you want to have your house burgled , your car stolen, be pestered by bogus callers?  OF COURSE NOT.
If you care about the Community at all PLEASE consider becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch. Be active in supporting the Police Force and Partners in their fight against crime in the light of the cut backs they have had .
Being a member means knowing your closest neighbours and sharing the  things that can improve your Street, This being a Street Watch.
Encourage your neighbours to keep their doors and windows locked, not leave their car engine running on the drive, not take shopping in without closing the door after you, not leave keys or valuables in sight. A lot of these crimes can be avoided, Litter pick the front of you house. This is a sure way of driving down anti-social behaviour. Report suspicious behaviour however small you feel it is.
Become part of our Alert system where we can send you information of what crime is happening in your Area. This can be delivered by telephone or email once you have registered with the District Chair.
District Chair   01142745578 or talk to the Forum who will signpost you.
This information kindly provided by Sheffield50+ member Wendy Zealand.

Sort out your finances NOW
The Bank of England has recently warned of huge increases in personal borrowing – 10% in just a year.  This could lead to many defaulting on their debts. With current low interest rates, if you’ve existing debt it’s a sensible precaution to check now if you’re on the cheapest possible deal.

Advice from Moneysaving Expert Martin Lewis:

Cut credit or store card costs to 29mth 0%   Consider balance transfer deals, where you get a new card to repay debts on old cards for you, so you owe it instead but at a cheaper rate. That will mean most of your repayments clear the actual debt, rather than just servicing the interest.

Do you pay over 2% interest on your mortgage?
The cheapest new mortgage deals are at near-historic lows, 2yr fixes at around 1%, 5yr at less than 2%. So it’s worth anyone who’s paying more checking if savings are possible by remortgaging (getting a new deal that pays off the old one). Even a one percentage point cut on a £100,000 mortgage saves up to £80 per month!

Cut your overdraft
Often in your overdraft? Move to a 0% rate. If you’re overdrawn, debit cards are DEBT cards too, and often they’re worse than credit cards. A constant £200 overdraft could cost you £365 a year!  Go over your limit and it could cost even more.

Already got a loan? You may be able to make it cheaper.
Unlike credit cards, clear a personal loan and you could be charged an early repayment penalty of up to two months’ interest. Loan rates have plummeted, so it can be worth getting a new one to pay off the existing one including penalties.

Can’t sleep at night due to my debts.  Do these apply to you?
– You can’t even meet just minimum monthly payments.
– You have non-mortgage debts bigger than a year’s salary.
– You have sleepless nights or depression/anxiety over debt.
If so, then urgently get free, one-on-one debt counselling help from Citizens Advice, CAP, StepChange or National Debtline.

For full details of this article please go to

Cathedral Archer Project
The Archer Project desperately need bags that they can fill for food parcels for homeless/vulnerable. Canvas/jute/tote work the best. Can anyone help please?

Let’s Talk About… Health Screening
Organised by Sheffield Carers Centre
Tuesday 25 July 2017, 10.30am to 12pm
Darnall Church of Christ, Station Rd, S9 4QB

Learn about the importance of health screening. Aimed at all carers. For more info, contact Jan on 0114 2788942 or

Cycle Lane at Westfield Health
We have been asked by Westfield Health for member’s opinions regarding the cycle path immediately outside their new building, particularly the customer entrance.

They have concerns about regarding safety to pedestrians as a result of cyclists ‘cutting the corner’ rather than following the cycle path.  Sheffield City Council don’t’ feel that this is an issue, but have proposed 2 bollards be installed. Westfield Health make a counter proposal of additional bollards to separate the cycle path, which SCC have advised they don’t feel is necessary and reiterated that they don’t feel there is a safety issue.

They would appreciate any feedback regarding this or if there is anything else that could add or change for the benefit of our customer. Any and all feedback would be very welcome and should be sent directly to:
Thank you in advance for your help.

“Are you a current smoker who wishes to stop smoking?”
Would you be interested in being supported in your stop smoking attempt by an experienced advisor and use either e-cigarettes or the NHS stop smoking services?

Sheffield  Hallam  University is  undertaking  an ethically-approved  study,  funded  by Heart  Research  UK   exploring  the  effects  of  e-cigarettes  on  the  arteries  and small veins in people making a stop-smoking attempt.

All  participants  will  be  randomly  allocated  to  one  of  the  three  study  groups:

In  one group,  participants  will  receive  free  nicotine-rich  e-cigarettes  and  refills  for  a  3-month period  as  well  as  advice on  how  to  successfully  stop  smoking.

In  another  group, participants  will  receive  similar  advice  as  well  as  complimentary,  nicotine-free  e-cigarettes  and  refills  for  a  3-month  period.

Finally, one  group of  participants  will  be referred to the NHS stop smoking services and will be reimbursed by the research team for their stop smoking prescription expenses.

Participation in the study will be free and assessments will take place in Collegiate Hall in Collegiate Crescent Campus of Sheffield Hallam University.

Participants using their own transport will receive complimentary parking.
To receive more information, please contact  Dr. Gareth Jones (Telephone Number: 01142254312, or visit: 

Age UK Sheffield Summer Fayre
Friday 4th August 1pm-3pm

Join us for an afternoon of fun and entertainment at our 1960s-themed Summer Fayre at the Wellbeing Centre in Norfolk Park. All are welcome!

If you have a loved one who is living with memory loss, you can find out more about the service we offer at the centre. It promises to be lots of fun…

Venue: The Centre in the Park, Norfolk Park, Guildford Avenue, Sheffield S2 2PL.

Local Events

Tramlines Festival Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July – various venues.

Parkwood Springs Open Day

As part of the Sheffield Living Waters project, Froglife and Sheffield County Council have restored heathland and created and restored ponds at Parkwood Springs. To celebrate this work we are holding an open day on Saturday 29th July 2017 from 11am to 2pm. You can take part in games and craft activities related to the Year of the Toad. Come on a guided walk and talk showing you the work we have completed. Pond dip to find out what’s living in the ponds.
Saturday 29th July 2017, free entry.

The Great Upcycle Fete
St Marys, Bramall Lane. July29th 11.00am to 5.00pm
Celebrating the creative transformation of waste materials surplus food and time-building! Attractions include: UpCycled Arts & Crafts Market, International FoodCycle Buffet, Climbing & Caving Experience, Birds of Prey Display, Traditional Tea Tent, Fete Games and Family Fun, and Music & Entertainment.

Family Fun Day at Sheffield Hallam University
Friday 28th Jul 2017, free entry
Come along to Sheffield Hallam University for a day of fun, FREE, interactive activities for children age 4 – 13 and their families. All are welcome, no booking necessary.

Introduction to Community Development and Health Course (ICDH) September 2017 – Enroll Now

20 Jul

icdh 1icdh 2

Booking and questions please contact CD&H Programme Coordinator, Mai Mustaphanin.

2930686 / 0773 679 3272 /

Please leave a message if Mai is unable to answer your call.


Tramlines Plot 22 Live Music & FREE Entry

20 Jul