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Pay your council rent by Direct Debit

8 Nov

Have one less thing to remember . . . . . pay your council rent by Direct Debit and make life easy

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Are you a Patient or a Carer? Could this phone App help in a Health Emergency?

8 Nov

Download the SOS UK app for free and let us know your thoughts!

People across South Yorkshire are being offered the opportunity to test the SOS UK  phone app which could potentially help healthcare professionals to know about allergies, conditions or other important facts about themselves in an emergency.

The SOS UK app is one of a number of technology solutions that are being tested alongside new ways of delivering healthcare as part of the Perfect Patient Pathway Test Bed programme.

The SOS UK allows the patient or carer  to create a health record, showing the information they want to share in an emergency such as allergies, medicines long term conditions, and/or special needs.

The app then creates a unique QR code that can be saved to the phone lock screen or printed on an emergency card via the app. Then in the case of a medical emergency, if a paramedic or A&E doctor/nurse has the technology available to them,  they can scan the code using any QR code scanner or the camera on an iPhone / iPad, and have access to the details the patient/ carer has voluntarily entered.

The SOS UK app is available from both the iTunes and Google Play app stores for download free of charge up until December 1st 2017.

To give your thoughts, download the app now and click through to the evaluation site.