Pavement Resurfacing – Upperthorpe area

26 Feb

We are writing to inform you that we are due to start pavement resurfacing work in your area in early March 2018.  We anticipate work will last for approximately 6 weeks and to carry out the work safely we will need to close the roads we are working on.  Details of the roads included can be found over the page.

As our schedule is heavily dependent on the weather we are currently unable to give an exact start date for the work.  Please look out for the temporary road signs that will be displayed five days before work starts, confirming the dates of work and parking restrictions. 

To provide us with access we need, please can you cut back any overhanging vegetation such as hedges, bushes or trees that are overgrowing onto the pavement back to the edge line.  Please note, any vegetation that is still overgrowing onto the pavement when we start work will be cut back by our team and you may be charged for this work. 

Parking and access arrangements

There will be no on-street parking or vehicle access to properties on the roads we are working on during the hours shown on this leaflet.  Please let our on-site supervisor know if you need vehicle access to your property for urgent reasons.  Pedestrian access and access for emergency vehicles will be available at all times. 

Vehicles left on the street during the restrictions may be towed and you will need to pay a fee to have your vehicle released.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  For the latest updates please follow us on Twitter @sccstreetsahead #SAB36

Road Name Working hours will be between
Bramwell Street 7am – 7pm
Dart Square 7am – 7pm
Summer Street 7am – 7pm
Mushroom Lane 7am – 7pm
Brightmore Drive 7am – 7pm
Mitchell Street 7am – 7pm
Sutton Street 7am – 7pm
Hammond Street 7am – 7pm
Bellefield Street 7am – 7pm
St Stephen’s Road 7am – 7pm
Weston Street 7am – 7pm
Yardley Square 7am – 7pm
St Phillips Road 7am – 7pm
Ellison Street 7am – 7pm
Netherthorpe Place 7am – 7pm

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