Vida Fundraising with Tesco Bags of Help & Amazon Smile

18 Oct

Summer is almost over, and Vida are back to fundraising in support of our Eva Services for women and girls affected by abuse and trauma.

Here are 2 ways you and your contacts could help – at no cost to yourselves!

o   Tesco Bags of Help blue token vote in September & October – see below for participating stores

o   Amazon Smile charity giving – when making purchases and the Smile box comes up, just search for ‘Vida Sheffield’ or start your purchase from here: smile.vida and Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases, for as long as the scheme exists


Tesco Bags of Help details:

Exactly one year after applying, Vida have been selected for the months of September & October 2018

Of 3 charities, the one with the most votes will receive £4,000, the second £2,000, and the third £1,000.

To vote you need to make a purchase of any value within store, and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token!

List of stores taking part:

SHEFFIELD Infirmary RD S6 3BU           Superstores

SHEFF ECCLESALL S11 8PN                      Superstores

SHEFFIELD SAVILLE St S4 7UD                Extra

KELHAM ISLAND S3 8RA                          Express

SHEFFIELD CHURCH S1 1HA                   Express

SHEFFIELD EDWARD ST S3 7BY             Express

SHEFFIELD EYRE LANE S1 2NP                Express

SHEFF BROADFIELD RD S7 1FS              Express

SHEFF BROOMHILL S10 1BP                   Express

SHEFF Crosspool Garage S10 5DS        Express

SHEFF FULWOOD S10 3QA                     Express

SHEFF SHARROW LANE S11 8AN          Express

SHEFFIELD WEST ST S1 4GB                    Metro

ECCLESALL METRO S11 8PN                   Metro

You can check the location of any of these stores via their website:


Thanks everyone, and of course if anyone does feel able to make a donation you can click on the orange box in the signature below to be taken to our Localgiving page – every £10 donated by UK tax payers is made up to £12.50 by the government through Gift Aid.


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