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Amey 2019 Apprenticeship Vacancies : Closing date 3rd July

19 Jun

Amey is recruiting for their 2019 Apprenticeship intake.  The vacancies are as follows:

Apprenticeship Title
Street Lighting Electrician
Arboriculturist (Trees) *
Business Administration
Mason Paviour (Non-core)
Grounds Maintenance (Horticulture)
Street Cleaning
Industrial Painting *
Highways Lining and Road Markings *

Job descriptions and an information sheet about the apprenticeships are attached.  See the Amey website on how to apply

When using the website, once you have chosen Job Search, Yorkshire, then Sheffield, please use the search option open to all “position types” to ensure you access the apprenticeship vacancies.  For some reason, when searching on “Apprenticeships”  not all Sheffield-based apprenticeship vacancies are shown.

Please be aware that the Arboriculturist, Highways Lining and Road Markings and the Industrial Painting Apprenticeship Vacancies do not yet appear but should do within the next few days.  Please continue to consult the Amey website for these later postings. These will have later deadline dates for application submissions.

Applicants must be least age 16 to apply for all Business and office based roles. For all other roles, candidates must be at least aged 18 to apply – this is due to health and safety requirements. There is no upper age limit.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday, 3rd July 2019.



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19 Jun

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