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Sheffield Women’s Hub: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

20 Nov

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One Sheffield Many Cultures

11 Jun

Sheffield celebration of Our World In One City


One Sheffield Many Cultures Youth Festival will be showcasing talent from school’s across the city in association with Migration Matters festival.


The One Sheffield Many Cultures free festival takes place from 11am to 3pm in Barkers Pool on Saturday June 15.


The festival which brings together young people from across Sheffield to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity is set to be the biggest and best yet.


A total of 10 schools have already said they will perform at the event, which showcases song, dance and drama with short contributions from people in the faith community, trade unions and multicultural campaigns.


One Sheffield Many Cultures spokesperson Abdul Gooljar said: “We launched the festival to celebrate the contribution of our young people to our great multicultural city and it has been marvellous to see how it has grown.


“We hope that the number of people spending a few minutes or even longer to watch the performances will also increase as more families and individuals give their support to the youngsters taking part and celebrate the city’s diversity.”


For more information, please follow the link below:


Veiled Voyagers – a piece of theatre about migration in the early 20th Century

7 Jun


Refugee Day event!

31 May

As an integral part of Refugee Week, we are celebrating ‘WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2019’ with a

Multicultural Event and football match  on 20th June 2019.

See event overview below:



TIME: 12:30PM -3PM-indoor event ( Talks,  performances and Food)

3:00PM-5:00PM-out door –sporting activities ( football tournament and more)

Organisers: Refugee Council  and the Resettled Refugee Communities’’ Forum

World Refugee Day 2019 will be celebrated all through the world on Thursday 20thf June and Celebrating World Refugee Day annually on 20th of June was declared by the United Nations General Assembly. The World Refugee Day celebration of 2019 marked the 68th anniversary of 1951 Convention Refugees status by the United Nations General Assembly

World refugee day is celebrated to support millions of people all over the world who have lost their homes and dear ones because of violence or war and in honour refugees  and Asylum seekers for their courage of facing lots of problems after losing homes due to conflict or violence and their contributions to their communities.

World refugee day celebration provides an opportunity to all to help the refugees worldwide to rebuild their quality lives through lots of related activities.

  • Refugees are provided variety of lifesaving assistance, safety and protection by the government agencies and organizations. They are provided tents, shelter, living materials supplies and served with the life-saving services.
  • The goal of celebrating this event is increasing public awareness among common public by sharing the related refugee stories.
  • To remind people about the all failures of an international community or home conflicts which forced lots of families to leave their home and go another place to save their life.
  • Refugees are taken as the asset and strength of the country and not as the burden. They are survivors and should get proper help and support timely.
  • It is very necessary to draw people’s attention towards the refugee’s conditions to honour their courage and solve their problems.

To find out more please visit:


Inter Play Crossover music with video journalism.

23 May

Interplay Flyer.jpg



16 May

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Walk for Peace

2 May

Walk for Peace


New Beginnings Project – learn what about services in Sheffield.

15 Jan

new beginnings

Zest Health Activities January 2019

15 Jan

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Steel city to host international festival celebrating migration

21 Jun

Sheffield is celebrating diversity and recognising the positive impact that migration has on our city by warmly welcoming the Migration Matters Festival.

Taking place across five days, from 20 to 24 June, during the national Refugee Week, the festival is bringing Sheffield’s communities together through art, performance, music, food and film.

Sheffield was the UK’s first City of Sanctuary and it is a city that remains rich with diversity and interconnecting communities. This year’s festival will celebrate the city’s history and culture with a vibrant and inclusive series of events.

There will be more than 50 acts as part of the celebrations taking place across six inner city venues (Theatre Delicatessen, DINA, The Art House, Sheffield Theatres, The Showroom Cinema, The Montgomery Theatre), as well as various outdoor spaces throughout the city centre.

In the line-up there are award winning artists, community projects, global and local charities, Sheffield based performers and international musicians. Headline acts include: Inua Ellams, Third Angel, Stand and Be Counted Theatre  and PSYCHEdelight.

Councillor Jim Steinke, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at Sheffield City Council said: “This week let’s celebrate the fact that migration is what makes Sheffield a great city. Great cities are built on migration.

“We are proud to be supporting the festival and helping to raise awareness of the fact that the number of people who become refugees across the globe is on the increase. Cities have a vital role to play in supporting them to begin new lives in new places.”

The festival begins on World Refugee Day 2018 on Wednesday 20 June. This is an annual event, held on the same date each year, and 2018 is the 18th year of the event, run by the United Nations Refugee Agency, to state that the world supports and stands with refugees. The event is about raising global awareness of global responsibility for refugees.

World Refugee Day honours the strength and courage of refugees and encourages public awareness and support for people who have had to flee their home lands because of conflict or natural disaster. It reminds us that refugees have faced cold, hunger, trauma, despair, disease, violence and loss.

World Refugee Day also marks the launch of the ‘#With Refugees’ petition, which highlights refugees’ needs and potential rights. Organisations from across the world will be signing the statement of solidarity ahead of the day.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ‘#WithRefugees’ campaign supports the development of the global compact on refugees. To date the campaign has almost 2 million petition signatures, one of which is Sheffield City Council’s.

For more information about the week’s festival events visit

All of the week’s festival events are pay-what-you-decide and booking in advance is recommended.