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Consultation – Vehicle Idling in Sheffield. Have your say

19 Jul


New guidance from health experts at the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that those who are very sensitive to harm from air pollution should be protected from the effects of air pollution.

This may include the creation and/or enforcement of byelaws asking people to switch their engine off, for example, when dropping off and picking up children outside schools. This is called “no vehicle idling” and could extend to a number of locations across the city and a number of vehicles including private vehicles, buses including school buses, taxis, public service vehicles and private fleets.

Since July 2017, traffic marshals in Westminster City Council have issued on-the-spot fines for those idling in “no idling” zones.

The Highway Code (Rule 123) already advises that drivers must not leave a stationary vehicle’s engine running unnecessarily on a public road.  If a vehicle is likely to remain stationary for more than a couple of minutes, drivers should apply the parking brake and switch off the engine to reduce vehicle emissions and noise pollution.

However, if Sheffield City Council were to undertake enforcement and issue fines we would need to progress a local byelaw.

This consultation asks your views on whether Sheffield City Council should introduce and enforce new byelaws as suggested by NICE for “no vehicle idling” outside Sheffield schools, hospitals, care homes and other locations within Sheffield. This consultation also asks whether educational or enforcement approaches (fines) should be used.

There will be further public consultation events where you can give more detailed comments, and you can give comments on air quality at any time by e-mailing:


The Sheffield Parents’ Survey 2016/17 summary report

19 Jul

The Sheffield Parents’ Survey 2016/17 summary report.

This citywide consultation gathered the views of 1902 parents and carers of pre-school and primary-aged children on a wide range of topics and issues.

Producing the report of the findings has taken time because we felt it was important to be able to include some feedback to parents on how their views will be used. As you may be aware, throughout the consultation period, we badged our survey as “More Than Just Ticking A Box!”

You will see from the report that we have been able to state a number of examples of how services will use the results… but we want more of these examples.

Please take the time to read the report available at

SCC are consulting on “Investing in Young People”

22 Jun

I am pleased to inform you that the consultation on the re-commissioning of services for young people, known as Investing in Young People, is now open on the Council CitizenSpace website from today until the 26th July 2017

You can view this consultation at

The details of the proposals on which we are consulting can be downloaded from this site, as can a hard copy of the questions should you prefer to respond in this way.

We welcome responses from young people especially those aged 13-19 or up to 25 if they have any special needs or disabilities as this is  the core user group for the services


Woodseats Library Consultation – your views matter

5 Jun

Woodseats Library will reopen in September 2017. We will be moving in with Woodseats Medical Centre to a bespoke building that has been designed with the community in mind.

We need your help to make sure the library serves community needs and opening hours can be shaped towards your preferences. We are also eager to make sure that we provide services that are most essential to you and are asking for your help in deciding what we provide as a library service and what we try to develop with partners.

The survey can be accessed here or via the consultation website:


Carers Consultation and Well-being Event 24th May 2017 at Shipshape

11 May


What issues do you have in your community ? Have Your Say About your local Ward Priorities

14 Feb

We would like to know what people living in Sheffield feel should be the priorities for the wards they live in.


Each year every ward in Sheffield produces a list of three or four Ward Priorities; this is your opportunity as a local resident to have your say about what they should be for your neighbourhood. The ward priorities contribute to discussions with partners on local activity so you can see from them what local councillors and partners are working towards in your area. Councillors also use the ward priorities to help them decide how they allocate ward pot money to local groups and services in the ward.

Please follow the link below to fill in the short online questionnaire; although it shouldn’t take more than about five minutes there is space to add additional comments if you want to spend more time giving a detailed response.

Click this link to see the current Ward Priorities for the Central area.


Invitation to Communities Budget Challenge Event 2017/18

9 Jan


If you would like to attend, please click on the link to book onto the session: