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7 Aug

Sheffiedl Housing Survey

Bid for 4,000 new homes takes leap forwards

21 Mar

Sheffield City Council’s multi-million pound bid to enable over 4,000 new homes to be built on 34 brownfield sites in Sheffield has taken a significant leap forwards.

The Sheffield bid has been shortlisted along with 44 others for funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The bid is part of the council’s ‘brownfield first’ approach that seeks to build homes on land that has been used for development previously. The authority will be awarded millions of pounds of extra funding for infrastructure, such as improved traffic junctions and flood defences, to encourage housing development on these sites – which are often more difficult to develop.

The new homes will be in and around the city centre. The council is welcoming this valuable opportunity to work with government on the strategic plan for the area.

Councillor Ben Curran, Cabinet member for Planning and Development said:

“We’re doing everything we can to encourage more house building in Sheffield, so I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve been shortlisted for this extra funding.

“The national housing crisis is hitting people here in Sheffield as well. This investment is needed to help us build the homes we need on the brownfield sites that we want. House building also brings new job opportunities to the city so we really want to ensure we make it through to the next stage.”

“This bid is only the start. We have much bigger plans to develop along the canal and develop a Sheffield to Rotherham corridor to deliver thousands of new homes and regeneration to those communities.”

The council now has until Autumn 2018 to develop a more detailed plan or funding bid.

If the bid is successful, the first new homes would be built in 2020, with approximately 3,600 homes being built by 2025.

This bid is the first stage of an ambitious plan to develop the Sheffield and Rotherham corridor that could deliver around 18,000 homes on brownfield land and much needed economic regeneration in this area that will benefit both Sheffield and Rotherham.


Pay your council rent by Direct Debit

8 Nov

Have one less thing to remember . . . . . pay your council rent by Direct Debit and make life easy

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Shelter Advice and Information Resource Centre

8 May

shelter 1

shelter 2


Housing Support – help to maintain your tenancy

2 May


Sheffield Council Housing+ has been launched across the city

21 Nov

The Council Housing Service has launched Housing+ across the city. It is a more personalised service that aims to provide additional support to help people look after themselves and their home. It works by having a Neighbourhood Officer look after a number of households in their geographical ‘patch’, offering advice and information. Watch the video: