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CAA4 Central – Road Surfacing Works (NIGHTS) – Howard Road – June 2019

26 Jun

Please click on the link to access the information:

2019 CW – CA4 Central – Howard Road


Pavement Resurfacing – Upperthorpe area

26 Jan


Sheffield 50+ Newsletter June 2017

21 Jun

Sheffield 50+ Advisory Group  Meeting  Wednesday 21st June, 1pm, at South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, Eyre Street.

Sheffield 50+ Members’ Meeting
Wednesday 12th July, 1pm, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (date, time and venue to be confirmed)

Speaker – South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue community safety team on fire safety in the home and Safe and Well Checks

Eligible for carer’s credit? Don’t put your state pension at risk by not claiming it.

Up to 230,000 unpaid carers are putting their state pension in jeopardy by not claiming carer’s credit – a benefit that plugs gaps in your national insurance record when you’re not able to work because you’re caring for someone.

Carer’s credit is not a typical benefit, as you don’t receive any money for it. However, it’s important to claim it – otherwise your state pension could be negatively impacted.

Carer’s credit is a national insurance ‘credit’ designed to fill gaps in your national insurance record (e.g. from having to give up your job to care for someone). It’s this record that determines if you’ve worked enough to earn the state pension. You could get it if you care for someone for at least 20 hours a week.

Save money on shopping
Money Saving Expert tells us that Supermarkets try all sorts of tactics to make us spend more, and a trick of the eye means you could be missing out on the best value items every time you go shopping.

It’s all about where products are positioned on the shelves, with stores tending to place more expensive items at average eye-level, hoping we’ll grab and go. They found lots of items at the three major supermarkets they went to, where the same branded product was better value on the bottom shelf – this usually means initially paying more for a bigger pack, but getting more for your money per 100g/ml.

This won’t be true for every store or shelf, and there will be examples of when the bottom shelf isn’t the cheapest – but as they visited larger and medium-sized supermarkets and found this was widespread, so hopefully we can raise awareness that you need to have eyes wide open and check all shelves, delving to the depths to make sure you’re getting the best value at the supermarket.
See Money Saving Expert Website for full details of their findings.

MRC Festival of Medical Research:
Free Activities and Demostrations, Saturday 24 June, 11am-3pm, Winter Garden, 90 Surrey Street, City Centre.

Come along to this free event and find out how the latest medical research at the University of Sheffield is improving people’s lives. There will be a range of hands-on activities, exhibits and demonstrations from leading researchers.