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Addy Street new play area launch 22nd April 2017

27 Mar

addy street

Full details via: 

Art from the Heart exhibition and workshop 31st March @BurtonSt

27 Mar

Art from the Heart- FD-01

Art from the Heart offers an in-depth look, through art and photography, of the expression of individualism of adults with learning disabilities and dementia.

The exhibition will be running from the 1st to the 6th of April, with special arty workshops on Saturday the 1st from 11am- 3pm, including workshops on:

  • Cyanotype Photography: take and print photos in a hand built photo booth
  • Printing Workshop
  • Pictures in Exhibition: a collective art piece created through music.

(soon to be exhibited at the Winter Gardens)

  • Wall Hangers: create beautiful wall hangings hosted by Scrapdragon
  • The Big Banner: watch as art comes to life in front of you!

All workshops are free, along with the exhibition!

Come down and join us on Saturday for workshops and a browse, or any day onwards for a beautiful and rare insight into a world that is often closed to us.

Opening times: Saturday 01/04./17: 11am-3pm

Sunday 02/04/17: 2pm-4pm

Monday 03/04/17- Thursday 06/04/17: 10am-4pm


Dance sessions in Hillsborough for 10 to 19 year olds

23 Mar



Youth Club at SWFC for 13 to 19 year olds

23 Mar

Youth Club


Afternoon Tea Party at the Moor Market 30th March 2017

21 Mar

tea party

Cycling boost for people with disabilities – Every Thursday in Hillsborough Park

20 Mar

Cycling boost for people with disabilities

Cycling might seem like an impossible dream to some people with disabilities.

But that’s being challenged by a local charity which loans out specially adapted bikes and now offers a discounted rate thanks to a successful funding bid.

Sheffield Cycling for All, which is part of Disability Sheffield, runs every Thursday from Hillsborough Park. The charity has just received an extra £46,000 through HealthRich and is now able to loan bikes at just £3 per session. The funding will also allow the group to run weekly sessions on another day and is looking for volunteers to help with this.

One of its organisers, Caroline Waugh from Totley, said: “Having brain damage, epilepsy, impaired vision, broken limbs, lymphoedemia and cancer didn’t stop my passion for cycling, which is why I helped to set up Sheffield Cycling 4 All.

“It’s so important to be energised and feel the fresh air on your face. And what we do here is help people do the best they can.

“We’re delighted to have the extra funding as it means we can get more people on our bikes and hire them out at a discounted rate. One of our customers, a 79 year old woman, told me she takes 12 tablets a day for her health but nothing makes her feel better than cycling around the park with us.

“I wouldn’t like to say we can do everything but we’ve never had a disability we’ve not been able to cater for. We want more people to be able to use our bikes and are delighted that we can set up extra sessions. We’re now looking for more volunteers and even more support for our organisation.”

Sheffield City Council has helped support Sheffield Cycling 4 All through its ‘ward funding’ pot which is used to provide small grants to local community projects.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Sheffield City Council, said: “I’m very pleased we’ve been able to support Sheffield Cycling 4 All with a small grant from the Hillsborough ward pot which is being used for bike shelters, maintenance and equipment. They’re a great organisation helping people do things they might otherwise not be able to do, and just one of the many groups who help make our communities strong.”

Councillor Cate McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, added: “This charity is opening up opportunities for people with disabilities and I wholeheartedly applaud its work.

“Sheffield is hosting the Special Olympics for people with learning disabilities this year and we want people to know that we’re an inclusive city and have something for everyone. Sheffield Cycling 4 All is a real part of this and I want to congratulate all the staff and volunteers for everything they do to help people enjoy cycling.”

Sheffield Cycling 4 All runs from Hillsborough Park on a Thursday from 10am-3pm between March and October, with reduced hours during the winter. People can turn up and borrow one of 17 bikes, suitable for people with different needs including wheelchair users and complex learning disabilities. Sessions can also be organised for disability specific groups.

Last year saw the number of people attending increase from an average of 18 to 28 each session. The charity has been running for six years, with bikes funded by Cycling UK, and is part of Disability Sheffield. Visit for more information.

Visit for information about outdoor leisure opportunities for disabled people in and around Sheffield, including wheelchair accessible routes and walking groups.

HealthRich is a Community Interest Company committed to raising money to address health inequalities in South Yorkshire.  Visit for more information. The Health Lottery is operated for and on behalf of 51 Community Interest Companies across England, Scotland and Wales, all holding society lottery licenses issued by the Gambling Commission. People’s Health Trust is an independent charity addressing health inequalities across Great Britain. It works closely with each Community Interest Company distributing grants.

Take Part in the Big Lunch 2017, the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours

16 Mar



big lunch

The Big Lunch, the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours, is fast approaching, and this year we’re hoping it’ll be bigger and better than ever. We’ve joined forces with the Jo Cox Foundation to launch The Great Get-Together: the biggest community celebration since the Jubilee. The weekend will see two days of community celebrations, culminating in The Big Lunch on Sunday 18 June.

When is The Big Lunch?

The Big Lunch takes place annually in June. The date for The Big Lunch 2017 is Sunday 18 June, but you can hold a Big Lunch on any date that suits you and your community. Request a free Big Lunch starter pack here.

The official date for The Big Lunch doesn’t suit, can I still take part?

Of course! The most important thing about having a Big Lunch is bringing people together, so if the date doesn’t suit you or community we absolutely encourage you to hold your Lunch on another date. Many people hold Big Lunches throughout the year, and also at different times of the day. The Lunar Lunch is a great way to bring your community together after nightfall if a day time get together won’t work for you or your neighbours.

What is The Big Lunch’s involvement with The Great Get-Together?

Since its inception, The Big Lunch has been striving to create a ‘Thanksgiving day for neighbours’, to create opportunities for neighbours to come together. We felt that the ‘more in common’ values that Jo Cox advocated throughout her work echoed our own, and thus a partnership with The Great Get-Together and the Jo Cox Foundation made sense. The anniversary of Jo’s death is 16 June, and The Great Get-Together weekend that follows is all about furthering what we are all trying to achieve: community connections and stronger relationships.

We believe that there is no limit to what can be achieved if you do not mind who takes the credit and we hope that combining these events will achieve the biggest community celebration the UK has seen since the Jubilee. Building community spirit and coming together is our main goal. The Big Lunch forms part of the weekend — it has not been replaced by The Great Get-Together, and we expect that many Big Lunches will still take place without necessarily being part of The Great Get-Together.

Why The Big Lunch is great for communities

  • Over 70% of attendees feel The Big Lunch is good for the community
  • 94% of attendees believe The Big Lunch will have a positive impact on their community
  • 88% of organisers feel better about their neighbourhood as a result of hosting a Big Lunch
  • 65% of people who organise a Big Lunch go on to do more in their community
  • 74% of people who do The Big Lunch feel an increased sense of community
  • 38% of people who do The Big Lunch feel a surge in their own self esteem

The value of connected communities

  • £32 billion is the cost of disconnected communities to the UK economy
  • But connected communities share £15 billion worth of resources and help
  • £2.7 billion is saved by health services because of initiatives like The Big Lunch, but this could be £7.9 billion if more people took part
  • People make 20 connections on average when they take part in community activities
  • For 1 in 20 people, talking with a neighbour is the highlight of their day
  • 1 in 8 people involved in community activities go on to exercise together
  • 1 in 8 people involved in community activities go on to do something cultural together

See more about our research on the value of Connected Communities at:

Contact us via: Tel; 0845 850 8181 (local rates apply)

Connect with us on social media : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @edencommunities

We really do hope that you will still choose to organise a Big Lunch and that the momentum gained through The Great Get-Together will inspire more people to take part in The Big Lunch for years to come.

You can find more information about The Big Lunch at: and more about The Great Get-Together at:

Councils and local authorities will no doubt play a huge part in supporting communities make The Big Lunch happen within their neighbourhoods. We know staff put a lot of time in helping promote larger events, assisting organisers with the nuts and bolts, and of course, helping with temporary road closures. While only 19% of Big Lunches last year took place on a closed road (many take place in parks, gardens, schools and
other communal spaces).

Sheffield City Councils road closure request is a simple process, all information can be found here:

If you would like help in promoting or assistance in setting up a Big Lunch within the wards of Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, City, Hillsborough and Walkley then please contact Teresa Bond, Tel: 0114 2053049 or email